We are the leading specialists in Denmark for repair of white goods

Dansk Total-Service is an association of leading specialists in repair of household appliances, both during and after the warranty period. We are a nationwide service organization that aims to provide a quick, safe and professional day-to-day service to our customers.

Today we have cooperation agreements with more than 40 branded suppliers and servicing also some of the biggest brands locally. With our 100 well-stocked service cars, we are able to repair all brands at your residence.

If we dont have the spare part with us, you dont have to pay for driving costs the second visit.

Our parts suppliers normally supplies form day-to-day, so you dont have to be without your appliance for a long time.

Our skilled technicians are kept constantly updated so that the repairs in most cases is solved at the first visit. Many years of experience ensures that you get a professional treatment at a predetermined price. We provide 2 year warranty on repairs.

If you wish to make the repair, you can order the sparepart from us. We have the most popular parts for most brands.

Vi er Danmarks førende specialister på reparation af hårde hvidevarer.